Sunday, February 24, 2013

Work Day with Friends

 Neil, Trey, and Beau worked all day long on Saturday landscaping our yards and getting them ready for SPRING!  I do love the "winter" we have, but spring is one of my favorite seasons.  It was my absolute favorite in college because everyone was outside having fun.  I still love it because it means school is almost over, my boys will play outside more, and Easter!!

Anyway, on to the work day.  Trey picked up Neil around 7:30 am and they didn't finish with all three yards until about 7:30 pm.  They worked so hard all day long to get our yards spring ready.  They all agreed that ours and the Buteau's were the worst...but we don't spend 12 hours each Saturday like Beau doing our yards so obviously they were the worst!    I am almost ALMOST embarrassed to show my yard on this blog, but here goes.

ick!  dead, gray, and old

I guess I didn't realize how not great it looked!

someone was sooooo excited Neil got home and wanted him to help.  He immediately got his hands dirty!
the best helper to yard work ever... :)

They took out about 10 of our monkey grass shrubs that I thought looked good and replaced them with 4 azaleas.

Looking better!

finished product!  The pictures don't do it justice, but I can assure you they were WORKING HARD!

yay!!  Clean and nice!

I drove by Beau and Leigh's...looks great as well!

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  1. That is some serious yard work! I can't believe your yard is ready for spring and it's February! Southern folks:)


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