Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Valentine's!

Since Henry's party was at 2pm, I was able to go.  Too bad they decided to start at the party at 1:50 so the party was practically over when I arrived. :(  Oh well, it was fun to see Henry and read to his class.

When I arrived he was already done eating. They said he ate a cupcake and 2 Little Debbie snacks.  Sweet, loves-to-eat thing!

Henry and his teacher, Ms. Tundra

Henry and Preston (they've been in class together since baby room!)
Henry and Ms. Shancey

Henry and Mommy

The class...Jacob, Preston, Aubrey, Mitchell, and Hennie (We were giving them all their gifts and Henry got mad because I didn't give him one.  We gave them Valentine plate/bowl)

This was Bennett's Valentine..."I CEREALsly want you to be my Valentine."  Bennett would laugh every time I told it what it said!

This is EVERYTHING both boys received at their parties.  It was disgusting!  The entire bar was covered.

Pops came over later to give them their Valentine's...outfits from La Bambolina

Thanks, Pops!  It was like Christmas around here.  Pops even gave me a Medina gift certificate and Mom gave me flowers!  

This is what we got for Valentine's from Bennett.  So sweet!!!

Bennett enjoyed some candy heart graphing

And we all enjoyed heart shaped pork chops for dinner!

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