Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gammy and Henry

Henry loves his Gam Gam! (He loves all his grandparents EQUALLY, but she just left and I got this cute pic before she did so I thought I'd post.)  He runs to the door when she comes over and he cries when she leaves.  He will pitch a fit in the floor with his face on the ground when she says bye, bye.  He even calls her "mama" sometimes!  That is a little weird to me, but oh well...we look alike and sound alike.  He wants her to hold him the ENTIRE time she is around.  If Gammy is going with us in the car and I put him in his carseat...he screams until she tends to him.  I guess my boys just love their Gam Gam!

They love to look at books together.
Gammy and Henry sharing yogurt. (I think there was more on her clothes than in their mouths!)


  1. how sweet!! mills loves my mom too...more than perry did at this age. maybe it's a second kid attention craving thing? grandmothers are great :-)

  2. I haven't check your blog in forever but... your house looks great, you have inspired me to go ahead and put up Easter decorations, and I would love Gam Gam too if she fed me some yummy fro yo!!! Happy Friday:)


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