Saturday, February 2, 2013

Krewe of Centaur

I was so glad that the Dicharry's let us tag along to their fun Mardi Gras spot.  It was nice to have a place to go with the kids.  Our boys loved every minute of the parade excitement!  I think we really could have stayed until the end because neither of them had a melt-down.  I was so proud!  We left about half-way through the floats to avoid the melt-downs.  Bennett was asleep before we got home!

Our cute boys!

The Krewe of Cute.

My Lewis boys!

I was glad we got to see Amy and Jenny and Michelle (not pictured)

We saw Caroline Earnest and she was wearing the girl version of what Henry was wearing...cuties!

kids in the back of the truck is like our favorite Mardi Gras Tradition. 2012,  2010

Attempt at a family shot

Henry can hang with the big kids...he was having so much fun in the back of the truck.  He had so much fun that he sat in water and dumped out someone's leftover hot chocolate all over the place.  It was messy fun.

Maddie and Bennett with their swords that some woman gave them.

After the parade with all the loot!

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