Tuesday, April 15, 2014

39 weeks with Baby #3

Bennett said "Dad, now you go get in the picture with Mom!"  Neil promptly did the prom pose!


How Far Along: 39 Weeks 

Size of baby:  over 6 pounds according to Babycenter (watermelon)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: millions

Maternity Clothes: nothing fits! I wear Neil's t-shirts, stretch pants, and lazy clothes.  I was excited that it cooled off a bit yesterday so I could bust out a big open cardigan.  I have 1 pair of jeans that fits.

 Gender: We aren't finding out!  How I want the gender to be revealed: I want Neil and I to be able to spend a few minutes alone with our new baby.  We want someone to go get the boys and let them come in and meet their brother or sister.  Then, they will go out and let the family know...I would also like it filmed.  You know how childbirth goes so my fun plan will probably be out the window...but I can plan, right?

Movement: kicking and moving while I am still...I start to get nervous if I don't feel movement for a while

Sleep: I'm not sleeping very well.  I am up all the time to use the restroom.  When I am on my right side, I have the worst hip pain.  I think this is stemming from a random pain I am having near my right groin.  It goes down to my knee and just plain hurts. Who knows!?

What I miss: pain-free living due to tail bone/hip issues...it really feels like my pelvis is breaking every time I get out of bed. And I want to sleep on my back.  

Cravings: I have been loving grape juice, anything blueberry flavored, dry cereal, salads, and parfaits.

 Symptoms:  Same ole', same ole'.  Just getting bigger and bigger by the day.  Feeling VERY tired.  I am constantly worried about this baby!  I guess it's my 3rd so I just get scared.

Best Moment this week: Going to the doctor and hearing the heartbeat today which was 142. I am dilated 2.5 cm, 50% effaced, and the baby is very low she says at a -2.  We scheduled my induction for next Tuesday (my due date).  I want to go into labor but I do not want to go past my due date.  Casey gave me the idea of asking Dr. Tynes to strip my membranes...I called back and asked them and I am pretty sure they are sick of hearing from me.  They said I wasn't dilated enough.  :(

39 weeks with Henry

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