Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Fun

We've done soooooooooooo many Easter activities this season.  I kept thinking we weren't going to have an hunts, but I was wrong!  I think they boys hunted eggs around 10 times.  Wow.  Mom said she wished she would have even had 1 egg hunt to go to as a child.  Times have changed!

Sarah was so sweet to invite us to the Southern Trace egg hunt and breakfast.  It was so much fun and totally makes me want to join.  They have so many fun activities for kids and adults.  

My sweets! 

After the hunt...I told Henry to show his pretty  teeth so I guess he was showing his molars.
Easter Bunny with the boys

Dean Baker is such a good baby!
 We got home to a table set up of egg dying equipment!  Gammy had already boiled eggs and everything!

Bennett got really into it this year...he painted the eggs with one of the kits "candy apple" paint.

Henry got to make glitter eggs

Henry liked to dunk his entire hand in each cup of dye to take out the egg.  No spoon for him!

Even Daddy got in on the action and made an orange ninja turtle egg!
I was in a baking mood and whipped up some cupcakes and made them look like Easter fun!  Thanks, Pinterest!

Too bad this is what they looked like the next on earth did this happen???

my melted Easter basket cupcakes :(         Wonk. Wonk.

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