Monday, April 28, 2014

Sarah Kathryn's first Dr. appt.

We went for Sarah Kathryn's first dr. Appt 3 days after she was born. 

7lb 15oz (95th percentile)
21.5 inches (75th percentile) 
Head: (75th percentile)

Our sweet girl was a total trooper. Since she looked a little yellow we had to have her bilirubin level checked. It was a 13.4 so we had to come back the next day to be pricked as well. Since babies don't have that great of circulation it took forever for them to get enough blood.

I knew the boys would get a kick out of her getting a sticker from the Dr. I chose Ariel! They loved it.

Here is sister tanning in the window to help with the jaundice. 

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