Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Magnet School test results.

After going to 3 magnet school open houses, tutoring Bennett every Wednesday, and then finally testing him....we got our test results.  We were super impressed with all 3 schools, but really felt like Fairfield was going to be the best fit for Bennett and our family.  We ended up putting SH first just because I was so dang impressed with their awards and fanciness...oh, and the parties and special events AND our friends LOVE it.  So, we put Fairfield second.  We've regretted it all along.  I decided to just pray that Bennett would be exactly where is supposed to be.  

The day finally came on April 12th to receive the long awaited test results.  People started sending text messages early that day telling me whether or not their kids got in or not...I was a nervous wreck.  Neil and I decided not to discuss his score high or low long before our letter came thanks to the good advice of Ashleigh!   Since our mail comes so late, we were some of the last to find out. This is the craziness of trying to put your child at a good school in our town.  We have to jump through hoops, test our kids, and stress out ourselves...all for kindergarten!  It is really insane.  

We pulled out of the driveway to head to the Raines' house for Beau's birthday when we saw the mailman pull down or street!  It was like waiting to receive the Publisher's Clearing House huge check.  Our next door neighbor was waiting on her letter and ran out to check her mail, too. We didn't open them together because we were too nervous!  

I gave it to Neil and he ripped it open and began reading... "Congratulations, Bennett scored in the __ percentile and it accepted into Fairfield!" (something like that...not verbatim)  I immediately started crying and the feeling of being so proud just overwhelmed me!  Neil and I were almost jumping for joy in the car!  

We've been thinking about this day for a couple years now and I can't believe it's already come and gone!  

waiting on the mailman to get to our car...yes, wee parked in front of the house

We are sooooooooooooo proud of this boy!
Once we got to the Raines' house I told them the good news and we were all so excited!  We called Neil's parents and mine.  Mom had the boys so we weren't able to tell her until she got to the Raines'.  We went outside and told Bennett and Mom when they arrived.  Bennett really could care less, but Mom was thrilled!

Margaret's daughter goes to Fairfield and they LOVE it.  She happened to have an extra FF t-shirt and gave it to me!  I LOVE spirit wear!  I can't wait to get shirts for the whole family!

After church on Sunday, we drove Bennett by his new school and he said "Oh, I really like it!"  Yippee!  We have contract signing on April 25th.  This is getting real, people.  Our baby is growing up and going to KINDERGARTEN!

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