Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blo, Byronz, and Baby #3!

When Leigh told me that she and Erinn were planning a fun evening out to celebrate our Baby #3 I was so excited!  They arranged the whole thing for Thursday at 4:30.  We started out at Blo, a new dry bar in Shreveport.  I just love having my hair done so this was right up my alley.  Leigh, Erinn, Rebecca, and I all got our hair curled.  Amy came and hung out with us and I was so glad!  Leigh even brought wine for some extra afternoon fun.

Once I was finished, Erinn told me that Leslie had already called and paid for my hair!  What a great friend!  Thanks, Les!

getting washed!

Getting dried!

And voila!  Poor Leigh!  Her guy didn't really do much to hers.  They didn't make her pay and they gave her a free blo-out next time!
Love the hairdo!
Here's the back of my hair....waterfall braid and all!

Next we headed to Bistro Byronz for dinner where we met up with more friends who couldn't make it to Blo.  I was pumped!!
Nana, Granddad, Rebecca, and Andrew all chipped in on a newborn photography session WITH digital print rights!  What a great and PERFECT gift for us!

How cute!  Erinn decorated the table with flowers and Ball this!

Here's the group: me, Leigh, Erinn, Ashleigh. Top: Amy, Rebecca, Sarah, Erin, Nikki, and Lindsay

Little did I know, but everyone was told to bring diapers and wipes!  We have a whole closet full now!  How nice!

Heather couldn't make it to the dinner because her husband was out of town, but she was so sweet to have petit fours ( I finally know the correct spelling of these cakes thanks to my French speaking brother!) made AND she dropped them off at the restaurant!  Delish!

I felt so special at my Baby #3 celebration.  Girl dinners are always fun, but celebrating my new baby made it extra special.  Can't wait to let everyone know if Baby Lewis is a boy or girl!


  1. how thoughtful and sweet!! glad you got to celebrate!

  2. Such a fun night! Loved celebrating baby SK!!!! :O


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