Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun day with Family

Sunday was a fun day with Nana, Granddad, and Andrew.  The boys were super excited that they brought Miso over too!

We had a pretty low key afternoon and just enjoyed each other's company. Thanks to Nana for taking the pictures! 

Bennett got a "Trouble-like" Skylanders game for his big brother present and we've all played about 15 rounds each. The boys all played an intense hour long game where Bennett won!

All the playing made Granddad tired. Sweet shirt, Granddad! They went to a white-trash party and that's the shirt he wore.

Andrew and sweet SK

Since a storm was supposed to hit us, we had tons of great wind.  The boys hve been wanting to fly their kites so we loaded up and went to the park. The boys were excited because they got to ride in the back of Neil's truck. 
Baby girl just chilled in the sun

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