Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Church Egg Hunt

Our church egg hunt was a lot of fun.  We went right after soccer so we had an action-packed morning.  The hunt is usually at Centenary, but this year they had it at the church.  Mrs. Billie had lots of Easter crafts, jumpies, hot-dogs, and even music!  

Children 2 and under hunted first so I basically have no pictures of Bennett.  I took Henry to hunt while Neil took Bennett to jump outside.  Henry likes to open each egg to see what's in it, dump contents in the basket, and leave the egg!  

Henry and E.B.
 Henry ended up with tons of eggs.  Bennett got back from jumping and was ready for his hunt.  We did some crafts and even got a set of Resurrection eggs!  I've been wanting to make a set for the boys and now I don't have to.
Bennett did a great job coloring his cross ornament.  He said that a cross is a sign that he loves Jesus.  Sweet thing.
We took Bennett into the SS room for his hunt.  It was a bust.  We were at the end of the line going into the room and there were no eggs left!  He really had to search for the 4 eggs he got. He was a little disappointed.  :(
Our family photo...Dang, Mama is huge!

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