Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun at the Lake

We got to go to Aunt Catherine's for some family fun and fishing.  I was a nervous wreck with Henry around all that water. Neil said I was driving him nuts!  Like Erinn's grandmother said "God watches over children and drunks."  Thanks for that wisdom, Erinn!  I think it is totally true!

Gigi and Bennett

This little boy was my source of worry.  Such a cutie I can't contain myself!
Bennett is really loving fishing.  He does want to catch one every 3 seconds, but that doesn't always happen.

My boys...yes, Henry is in a life jacket with all his clothes on.
Look what Bennett caught!

Henry and the crickets


  1. B and Mason would be the best fishing buddies! I would totally have a life jacket on Evie too. Love the quote from Erinn's gma!

  2. I totally understand your paranoia around water! When we are at my parent's beach house that is right on the canal, David and I are the SAME way. At least it did not look as if it was bothering him!

  3. i am the same way with my kids around water! totally understand.


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