Monday, April 28, 2014

The Family meets Sarah Kathryn!

Since we didn't know the gender of our baby I wanted to come up with a way for us to tell everyone.  I decided to make little shirts for the boys to announce what we had.  I made blue shirts that said "my baby sister is here" and pink shirts that said "my baby brother is here!"  I wanted the family to see the blue shirts and think "it must be a boy!"  The boys came to the room to meet their sister and it was so sweet!  They were a little worried about me because I was still hooked to to everything, but they were super excited to meet their sister.

Everyone was super thrilled at the news of a little girl.  Oh, I am so thankful for our families!
They were ready to go tell everyone!!
This is the video of the big reveal!

No one told me that my face looked like I had just been to a KISS concert... I had mascara running down my face like crazy!

Bennett was so excited!

Gammy and Bennett get to see SK!

This is one proud Gammy!

Nana with Bennett and Sarah Kathryn (Kathryn is Janine's first name and we named her after her)
Andrew and Baby Sarah Kathryn

Granddad (along with his poor black eyes) and SK

Yay!  Aunt Becky and Henry meet her.

Carolyn came by after she finished her case to meet our girl.

Pops left the hospital after we revealed she was a girl and came back later to meet her.

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  1. I love that picture of your mom holding her! Sooo sweet!


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