Thursday, May 20, 2010

White Room Challenge Results

To say that I am so proud of my students would have to be an understatement. BUT I am so proud of them!!! They really did a great job with the White Room Challenge project. I think I should submit these to HGTV. My students had requirements for their specific projects. They had to use all of the design elements and principles we learned in class. They had to have at least 2 windows and seating for 8. They basically had to make something great from nothing. We didn't have a lot of money to buy supplies so furniture is made from paper-clips and matte board. As I have mentioned before, Leslie and Somdal donated tons of fabric, flooring, and paint samples to the class. They came up with creative ways to re-purpose items. I am so proud of the creativity they used!

Remember the blank slate they had to work with?

This is the "Gator Theatre." They did a great job. They have a projector hanging down from the ceiling and even made a sectional couch! Those are bean bag chairs on either side of the couch.

Here is the "Gator Girls Lounge." They have 2 flat screen tvs in the corners and pendant lighting. The stools in front of the bar are made from matte board and popsicle sticks.

Here is "Captain Ice Cream." They named it that because our school is Captain Shreve and they wanted it to all tie in together. They even made fake ice cream out of play dough. They took the initiative and did a lot of their project at home. I was so excited when they brought it back with all of this fancy stuff.

Here is the "Gator Cafe." They really did a nice job keeping everything neat and clean. They even made miniature books and centerpieces for their tables.

Here is the "Seniors Only Lounge." Yes, that is a big flat screen TV on the back wall. They were not able to get a lot of details in their room. They had about 1 1/2 weeks less than the other groups. They did a great job on their furniture!

We were so fortunate to have our "Big Reveal" today. We had 3 judges (Leslie, Ms. Elrod, and Mrs. Underhill). We even had a little cake and lemonade. I was able to invite the teachers that have 6th hour planning and Mrs. White's class to come and view the designs. A couple of my students even invited their family members to come! I am so thankful to have my mom and friends come out and support me, too.

I had all of the desks in groups with black table cloths on them. One of my students walked in and said "You really have it set up like an art gallery in here Mrs. Lewis!"
Here's the cake.

So...who do you think won the grand prize? Cane's was so nice to donate 10 free "Box Combo" coupons to the winners. What a great incentive! Here is the winner as chosen by our 3 esteemed judges.

Captain Ice Cream

Didn't they do a great job? I thought they were amazing!


  1. That looks like it was so much fun! I would have chosen the Ice Cream Parlour too! Love it! Fiona

  2. wow! captain ice cream did an amazing job!

  3. Those white rooms are so amazing! I would have loved having to create something like that back in school!

  4. This is SO cool! What a great job your students did. I am VERY impressed!


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