Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ruston Visit

I had a workshop at Tech in Ruston today so we went over there last night to stay. Nana and Grand-Machine were excited to have their boy spend the night.

They bought Bennett one of those kid chairs from Pottery Barn. He really liked playing on it.

Nana bought Bennett some crayons and coloring books so they had a good time playing.

Grand-Machine even colored with Bennett. He let Bennett take every single crayon out of the box.

After playing, we went to the Bistro for dinner. We were excited that Aunt Rebecca was off work and met us.

She even took him in the kitchen!

We asked them to heat up his ravioli and they brought it out all fancy-like. I like what the doily does for the plastic cup.

We had to go outside because Bennett was done inside. He needed to get out there and play.

After dinner, we headed to Neil's old house. He bought this house in college and now rents it out. Rebecca is going to be moving in this weekend. We have had a lot of repairs done so we wanted to see how it looked. It brought back a lot of memories from college being in that old house.

We got home and Bennett was wired! He did not go to bed until after 9. He cannot get enough of Otis and Otis cannot get enough of him. He threw the ball to Otis about 100 times and never even got tired. That's Richard in the back...he was packing for his 11 day sailing trip with his brother.

Today we got up and did some more playing in the chair and I headed to the workshop.
I went to lunch with Rebecca, but she denied me a photo.

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  1. I love that chair! Bennett looked like he had so much fun!


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