Monday, May 17, 2010

Awesome Sunday

My sweet husband has really been dying for me to go out to this new deer lease land. We decided to go today after church. We put Bennett down for a nap and my mom came over to sit with him. I have to be honest that I am a baby when it comes to the wilderness. I just don't like bugs and being sweaty and dirty. Sounds in the woods scare me and I am terrified of snakes. I mean terrified. We pulled up to the property in Doyline and what do you think the first thing Neil says? "Look at the HUGE snake, that thing is huge!" Ugh. I didn't even look. I waited in the truck until he got the 4-wheeler out. We went for a ride and it was really nice. Neil wanted to put up his deer camera and it needed to be done ASAP. I kept saying that the land reminded me of Camp Wabanzee (sp?). It is a girl scout camp in town. I guess that was my main experience with the wilderness. We rode around and looked at trees where the deer rubbed them. We even got to ride to where we had a view of Lake Bistenau. It is going to be a nice place once they get in there with a dozer. Neil is so excited about having a place so close to hunt. I know Bennett will love getting to go out there with his Dad. I hope they put some sort of air-conditioned camp house out there soon so the girls feel welcome!

When we were walking around I heard a noise and I jumped right on Neil's back. I was so scared. It turned out to be a bird. Neil thought I was crazy.

Here is Neil installing the game camera. We walked by it and smiled to make sure it was working.

The lake is beyond those trees. I thought they should put the camp in this open area, but Neil said that it would flood. The grass is actually supposed to be covered in water when the lake is up.

We got home and had just enough time to bathe and get dressed for our Sunday School party. This was such a fun party! The Buteaus hosted a fish fry at their house. We had a huge turn-out and perfect weather. We were getting a little worried because it was supposed to be rainy. We are thankful that the rain stayed away. They had 2 pools, a bouncy house, and a slip and slide for the kids. It was like an amusement park for kids. We had a wonderful time. Thanks Buteaus!

Here is my sweet playing in the bounce house.

Here are Caroline, Bennett, and Georgia. The girls looked adorable in their bikinis.

Bennett loved the slip and slide. I think this might have to be our next purchase. Thanks Pops for that new bathing suit.

Erinn sent me this amazing picture. What a happy boy!

Here are Drew and Leigh Raines. They are so sweet.

Here are the chefs. Neil, Trey, and Beau made some great fish, fries, and hushpuppies.

Here are Elizabeth, Caroline, Miller, Georgia, and Bennett eating dinner.

Lance pushed all the kids down the slip and slide. Poor guy got roped in to a tough job! Bennett loved it. I love this action shot.

We had tons of left-overs so we called the fire department up the street to see if they would like it. They were so sweet to bring the fire truck over to pick up the fish. They were so appreciative and so were we! The kids loved getting to climb in the fire truck.

Here's Shep wearing the fire man helmet.

This was the Captain. He was so sweet to B. Bennett went right to him!

We had a great Sunday. We are just getting geared up for only 9 more days of school! Wooohooo! I am so ready for Summer.

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  1. Y'all should have called Ben and Jen:). I love that picture of Bennett on the slip and slide. And I think you and Neil could make some money with a reality show about the wilderness.


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