Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lindsey & Kyle's Wedding Weekend

Bear with me...there are tons of pictures.

We had a wonderful time at Lindsey & Kyle's wedding in New Orleans this weekend. We both took off on Friday so that we could head down early. Neil was honored to be in the wedding as one of the "Best Men." Kyle called all of his guys the best men. It was sweet.

We were making pretty good time so we stopped in Alexandria at Oriental Wok. I have heard that it is the best Chinese restaurant and they were right! I have always wanted to eat there. It's my friend Yitins family restaurant. It did not disappoint!

The wedding was held at the Hermann-Grima house in New Orleans. It was in the courtyard of the house.

Here we are after they rehearsed. I like this picture of us.
After the rehearsal, we headed to the rehearsal dinner at the Ernst Cafe. I liked going to all of the places the local people go to. Speaking of local people...guess who was at the bar below where the dinner was located!????? Jeremy Shockey. He is a member of the New Orleans Saints! To say that everyone was a little excited is a total understatement. We were all in shock. Someone asked him to take pictures with the wedding party and he agreed.

Can you tell that Neil was so excited???

Here are the bridesmaids with Shockey.

After the dinner we headed to the Intercontinental (where we stayed). I was glad that everyone wanted to go there so that I could sneak off and go to bed! Yitin and I both have 1 year olds and we kept sitting off to the side showing each other pictures of our boys.

Here are the bride and groom. They are such a cute couple!

On Saturday morning, we went to Luke. They have some great food and the restaurant is right across the street from the hotel. My brother and his friend Sheila met us for breakfast.

Amy and Amanda arrived after I had my Mother's Day massage and we went to lunch at Houstons. We met up with Courtney Guste.

Amy, Amanda, and I went shopping down by the river and on Canal. It was a nice day hanging out with the girls. Neil was doing wedding stuff so I was glad to have some people to hang out with. After all of the shopping, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big wedding!

I thought Neil looked handsome in the wedding.

Here are Lindsey and Kyle Allen.

Here we are after the wedding. The reception was in the courtyard of Broussards.

Amy and me. Out stylist, Amanda did our hair.

Here is their first dance.

Here are some of the Sigma Kappas at the wedding. I think it needs to be submitted to the Virtual Violet (our alum newsletter!) Amy, Amanda, Lindsey, Yitin, and me.

Neil and Richard

Here is the money dance.

Here are Neil and Lindsey dancing during the money dance.

Amy, Brown, and me.

Towards the end of the night, everyone gathered around and we all danced. Here is Lindsey.

They passed out these cloth napkins at the very end of the night and we all danced around and twirled these above our heads.

Lindsey and Kyle each had an umbrella and we followed them around sort of like a parade. It was so much fun!

Farewell! Have a wonderful time in Antigua! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Allen!

This was Neil's groomsmen gift. Kyle gave each guy a different tie by NOLA Couture. This is a neat New Orleans company that donates a lot of their profits to hurricane relief and such. I thought it was a neat gift for a New Orleans wedding.


  1. Loved looking at your pictures...Sounds like a fun weekend...

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! You look Sassy!!! Love the haircut!

  3. I had so much fun hanging out with you. Can't wait to see you and Bennett this weekend for a playdate!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I need to go to the Oriental Wok myself. And your hair looked fabulous!


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