Friday, May 28, 2010

School's Out!

Friday had to be one of the best days ever. I had the best feeling all day long just knowing that it was the end of school. It was fabulous. I did have a lot of highlights and lowlights from this school year. Here are a few:

-Feeling like I actually taught some kids some stuff
-Having students come up to me at the end of school giving me hugs and telling me they will miss me
-Having students that I didn't teach anymore come and visit me
-Receiving a homemade picture from Kiara that said "Let Love Fly...I love you Mrs. Lewis and I will miss you. Remember that teachers have the best jobs you inspire and change lives."
-Having Nisha giving me all 4 poses of her senior pictures

-Being yelled at every day by 17 year old freshman
-Being threatened to be hit by a student
-Tons of paperwork and more paperwork
-Classroom management
-Taking a class each quarter while teaching and taking care of a 1 year old

I guess I really did have more highlights than lowlights. It was just a really tough year learning a totally new job with absolutely no training. I think that teaching is the only job where they stick someone in a classroom with no training and tells them to teach other people. It has been a challenging year. Everyone has told me that the 2nd year is a lot easier. We shall see.

After my last day, I went and got Bennett and we headed out to the bowling alley. Neil was having a little work event out there and they all wanted to see Bennett.

Here are Uncle Checkers and Bennett

Bennett was a little mad that he could not lift the bowling ball. He thinks that he can do anything.

Go Neil!

Yay! I love bowling.

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  1. Neil nailed the 3 step approach. It sounds like an awesome year despite that crazy 17 year old freshman. Yikes!


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