Thursday, May 27, 2010


I got a call from the day care yesterday and today telling me that Bennett was scratched by another kid. I guess he is just getting attacked. What can I say? He is a lover not a fighter. We went for a walk yesterday and then did a little playing in the yard. He loves to be outside! He threw the biggest fit when we had to go inside because we were getting eaten up by mosquitoes!

Poor little scratched face. My sweet boy.

Oh and 3 Little Monkey's clothing line is going wholesale. They had a huge sale and a friend went and bought everything in Bennett's size for me. We got about 10 outfits for $50! Oh yea! I just love a deal. This is one of the outfits:

Of course Bennett wanted to play in the only place in our yard without grass. We just can't get it to grow there. He loves dirt and sticks.

Anytime we go out in the yard he finds a stick. He can always spot them.


  1. He is so sweet! Sorry about the scratch! :-(

    That's awesome about the clothes!! That is such a sweet outfit!

  2. These pictures are precious! Bless his heart with that scratch too!

    Good job on finding the sale on baby clothes!

  3. him cheesing in the wagon is super cute!

    wanna share where we can find some good deals on cute clothes?!?!

  4. Poor thing. He's starting to look like a big boy!


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