Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinner with Dad

Last night we went out to dinner to Outback with my Dad. My dad is going to Alabama to see my uncle and grandfather on Friday, so he usually takes us out to dinner before leaving. Bennett was such a good boy at dinner. When we got there he just walked up to some random table and gave a random man a high 5! He is such a social little thing.

He had a good time coloring. He colored a little bit and tasted them, too. I wonder when he will stop tasting the crayons?

Thanks Dad!


  1. That last picture with Bennett by himself looks so much like Neil!

  2. I'm glad to know Bennett still thinks the crayons are tasty! I was wondering the same thing about when they grow out of it and actually color. It will definitely be a good distraction at dinner when he can color and not eat them :)

  3. And I agree with Amanda he does look just like Neil in that last picture! He's just getting so big! and absolutely adorable! i just want to squeeze those little rolls! gotta love these fluffy babies :) (or big boys as I am afraid our babies are outgrowing the label baby!!)


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