Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Saturday

We went out to Neil's Aunt Catherine and Uncle Green's house for Memorial Day Saturday. Neil's entire family minus the Thiers were in town. It was fun to see everyone. I, of course took a thousand pictures.

Bennett went to spend the night in Ruston of Friday night. They got out to the lake earlier than us so I was really excited to see Bennett. I put him right in the pool with me! He was pretty clingy to me in the water. I hope he starts loving the water. We start swim lessons on Wednesday.

I thought this picture turned out so awesome with the water in the back. This is sweet Cameron Temple.

Here's Aunt Becky looking so excited.

Here's Uncle Jack and his nephew, Hunter.

Here are Bennett, William, Elizabeth, Hannah, Cameron, and Connor. These kids can put away some goldfish!

Here's Green being macho.

Billy and Missy Lewis

Andrew, Bennett, Gigi, and Elizabeth

Nana and Bennett

Gigi and Bennett

Billy and Gigi (they have the same birthday!)

Bennett was loving playing EVERYWHERE all over the place.

Jack, David, and Hunter
Emily, Kelley (due with #2 in July), and Hannah

Family photo. I love a good family photo.

Here's Virginia with baby Clara Yates. Clara is her newest niece.

Here is Virginia's baby Mary Claire. She is only 3 months old. Sweet little thing.

Here's the Yates family.

Cameron, Isabella, and Bennett were having a great time playing.


  1. Wow!! How awesome is it to have so many cousins! Loved seeing everyone! My sister and Elizabeth were best friends in hs and I haven't seen VA in a while. Everyone looks great! Glad y'all had a great weekend!

  2. Your camera is awesome and so is that pool. I love that picture with Gigi and Bennett where Bennett is by the tricycle. That would like awesome in a black and white photo!!

  3. Looks like the Thiers missed a lot of fun. Thanks for taking all those great pictures.


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