Monday, May 3, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We didn't really do much this weekend. The only thing we had on the agenda was Garrett's 1st birthday party in Houston, but we didn't make the trip. Bennett slept horribly on Thursday night so I was in bed at 9:15 on Friday night.

We got up on Saturday and each had a massage. My friend Emily recommended this lady who comes to your house and brings her table and everything. She is very reasonably priced for a 1-hour massage. We just love Barbie!

After Bennett got up from his nap and we got ready we headed to Reema's Alterations. Neil is in a wedding in New Orleans on Mother's Day weekend so we needed to get the suit hemmed. Neil did not know I took the next 2 pictures!

Next, we headed to the Boardwalk. I got some sweet deals at the Banana outlet for me and some play clothes at Carters for Bennett. We also got B a new pair of tennis shoes from Stride Rite. I always feel like he never has enough shoes!
We headed to Bass Pro to look at the fish and so Neil could look at some game cameras. I think these are probably for catching the good deer or to see how big the deer are out there. It has to be one of those.

Neil went to get the car so we sat in this big, nice, camo, recliner. It was comfy, but not something I would want in my living room.

After we got home and relaxed some more...we headed for a redneck trip around the block. We have a big school field behind our house so we went for a spin. I kept telling Neil that people were probably staring at us thinking what bad parents we were. Bennett loved it though.

We had the Burfords and the Montgomerys over for dinner on Sunday. Leslie came over later on. Max Burford turns 1 on May 4th (my brother's birthday). Since we will be in New Orleans during his birthday party; we had to give him his gifts early. We gave him animal flashcards (Bennett's favorite) and some crab pjs. Bennett was such a good helper.

Bennett was sweet to take Max for a spin on his 4-wheeler. I love these bald heads.

Neil grilled some amazing pork tenderloins...he even made homemade bbq sauce. He grilled corn and stuffed jalapeƱos, too. I was glad he was able to use the jalapeƱo stand I bought for him at Canton.

Bennett and Mason played along side each other very well. They pretty much just entertained themselves!

How sweet!

Neil had fun with Bennett's etch-a-sketch. Pretty talented.


  1. Glad to see the pepper stuffer finally got used. Remember, you can use the corer and still touch your eyes at the same time without them stinging.

  2. Tell me about the lady that comes to your house. We are massage junkies....Try to get one at least every other week and had just told Jack to tell the kids a spa day was all I wanted for MD...knew he would get that, so that would be two glorious have booked one on the cruise.

  3. Love the new look of the blog! I should probably keep up with Seriously we need to get the boys together for a play date! I'll be in New Orleans this weekend too! Can't wait to see y'all. Greg and Garrett wont be there though. = (

  4. A masseuse named Barbie! I also love how you took pictures of Neil without him knowing. I wish I could do that to Ben, but my camera makes this beep sound. My favorite picture is the two boys on the 4-wheeler!


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