Friday, December 15, 2017

Bennett's 9th birthday party {baseball style}

Last year Bennett wanted to go to a Saints game for his birthday instead of having a party.  This year he really wanted to have a party because he missed having one last year!  So we had a baseball themed party at Air U, a trampoline park place.  We did it on a Friday night and it was THE BEST time ever.  We were the only party and there were only about 4 other people in the entire place!  

These were the Festive Favors!

Another cookie cake for our boy!

The inflatable bats were a hit!  Pun intended.

We love Maddie!  She and her sister were the only girls invited.

Fresh from her honeymoon and at a birthday party!

Bennett and John have been friends since age birth

Jake and Bennett

He loves to flip in to the pit!

Bennett, Drew, and Maddie

Lewis Girls.Oh wait, Lewis girls and a Smart Girl... wait.  We are all smart. Dang.

Group pic! 

Thanks to Amy and Daniel for always helping!

Sweet friends!

Henry and Uncle Daniel having a serious conversation.

SK is always going to find the "big girl" in the group to hang out with! She loves it.

Happy Birthday B!

Party Favor time!

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