Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toy Story on Ice

Mom and I took the boys to see Toy Story on Ice on Sunday.  We arrived at the arena and bought our tickets using the sweet coupons I picked up and all got in for $12 each.  We even had lower level seats!  The first thing Bennett noticed was that he did not have a light, fancy cup, or popcorn.  

He said "I want some popcorn, everyone has popcorn, and I NEED some popcorn."  

Well, excuse me.  Let me get you that popcorn Your Highness.  I guess I am a sucker! I went and bought popcorn and a Woody cup for Bennett.  He loved it!

Henry, Mom, and Bennett

This was the only photo of the rink I was brave enough to take!
During the first act Bennett told my mom that he needed to potty.  He came back with a Buzz hat and cotton candy.  Hmmmmm... this is a pattern.  He really wanted a sno-cone in one of the fancy cups as well.  We kept saying no and he kept asking.  Finally, he asked Mom to take him to the bathroom and I said "you know he is playing you, right?"  That's what he was doing!  He didn't even have to go!

Bennett, me, and Henry

me and Mr. Sweetest Baby

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