Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A party and another party

We had Bennett's end of school party on the same day as my mom's birthday.  We were thrilled to celebrate both!

Erin and I whipped up the little pre-school party rather quickly and I was able to go during my planning period.  Erin made the cutest little sand buckets with each of the kids names on them.  We rounded up a few things to put in them for each of the kids to give them a "summer fun bucket!"  Bennett loved his.

I am so glad I got away from school to see Bennett sing and do hand motions.

The kids had popsicles and little teddy grahams sitting in "water" on an umbrella.  I totally forgot I was supposed to make these so I didn't make anything homemade.  Everything store bought and no headache for me.  Yay!

Nice umbrella

This was the end of year teacher gift: a beach towel, magazine, and sunscreen.  It says "All year you worked hard to make learning fun so now it's your turn to relax in the sun!"

 We celebrated my mom's 56th birthday that night as well.  We went to Posado's.  I let Bennett go into Family Dollar to pick our her birthday gifts. I let him choose everything.  He was THRILLED.  My mom was even more thrilled to open her special bag o' goodies.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!!
She received this nice reflector that Bennett thought was a fly swatter.

She received a Ramen noodle bowl

the little shopper
He picked out a squishy spider, green gatorade because  green is her favorite color,  one ball for him and a smaller one for Henry, and a red flashlight

She also received her favorite perfume, Shalimar.  I love smelling it on my mom because it reminds me of her and my grandmother.  Love that smell!!!

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  1. Lindsey you are so creative! The cupcakes were adorable. The teacher gift was so clever and I love Bennett shopping for your mom ! Too cute!


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