Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I felt so special this Mother's Day.  Neil and the boys went above and beyond to make me feel loved.  It didn't just stop there either.  My dad, mom, Neil's parents, and sister all contributed to giving me a fabulous Mother's Day.  

We got home and cleaned out Bennett's school bag and found this adorable masterpiece.
Bennett's feet, hands, and face made up this pretty picture.
We started off our day with a delicious breakfast of blueberry/banana pancakes made by Richard.  He is like a chef with his pancake batter dispenser and perfectly round pancakes...delish!

They ordered lunch from a new place in Ruston called Rosemary's Kitchen.  All of the food was great and no one had to stress with making food.  The prices were great and she delivered!

Henry was just lounging waiting for lunch.

I joked that Bennett just needs a bell to page his grandparents. Anytime he wants something he would just say "Nana, I need you!"  He made requests for juice and apples while sitting in the middle of their bed surrounded by pillows and the iPhone.
Must be nice, Bennett
Rebecca came by after church and showered Janine and I with Mother's Day goodies.  I love this one of the boys with their favorite aunt!

I loved the one of Rebecca and the boys so much I needed one

Janine and I opened our cards and a $2 bill fell out.  Richard put them in the cards! ha!

We had a great lunch and then packed up and headed home.  Both the boys and I fell asleep before we were to Grambling.  It was a nice little nap for all of us.

I went and had a much needed pedicure and then got home for fun and celebration for my mom.  We gave her a bag full of goodies.  She really loved the recordable story book with Bennett answering questions about her.
Neil made an adorable picture book for me.  I love it!!  It has pictures of the boys and him that say cute sayings that go along with the picture.  I will post more on it later.

Neil made a fancy dinner for us and then we finished it off with Frozen Frog...our family favorite.  We even got to eat our yogurt with Caroline!  Hey, Caroline!

Our Mother's Day was grand.  I'm just going to be honest and say I love when the day is all about me!

The only thing I wish I could have done was attend Henry's Muffins with Mom at his school.  It made me so sad to miss since I was the only mom not there in his class. Ugh! These are the times when working stinks.  Yesterday, they sent home a little plant and Henry's adorable hand print.  It says "After reading for about an  hour, mark your place with this flower."  Oh, how I love these sentimental gifts!  Now, I just need one of those fill-in sheets about what my kids say about me to top it off!!

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  1. I really love King Bennett in his throne!! too cute! Glad you had a great Mother's day!


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