Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun and Family

My brother came in town on Saturday to see us before he moves to NYC.  We are sure glad he graced us with his presence.  We met for lunch before we headed to Ruston.  I love these pictures...

Dad, Hen Hen, and FMJ

Gotta love the divorced family pictures...one with our dad, one with both mom and dad, and one with our mom...
me in my snail shirt, Dad, Henry, FMJ, and Bennett

All of us

us with Mom

We arrived in Ruston and went straight to the store.  They've been short handed so Rebecca and Janine were helping out.  I even got to wrap a present!  
When Neil and I were first dating, his dad let me take a few of my presents to his store so I could wrap them...it was so cool to be able to use a gift wrapping station!

Richard and Janine gave me the coolest gift for Mother' s Day.  I received different lenses for my iPhone.  We had a lot of fun playing with them!  
This is the fisheye lens!
After we put the boys to bed, Neil and I went with Rebecca and Daniel to Chili's for a drink.  It was some fun adult time!
Before you ask...Daniel is married and his wife was in Texas visiting her mom.  He had to work so be adopted him for the weekend.


  1. can i just say that i LOVE your divorced family photos. gives me hope that olivia will come out of this unscathed! i often look at your pics with both your mom and dad and smile!

  2. divorced pictures...i just went through that when i was at my sister's but it was not flowers & rainbows:(


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