Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week 2012 (Bennett)

Teacher Appreciation Week is one of my favorite weeks out of the school year.  I love finding fun little things to give to Bennett's teachers each day of the week.  I don't do anything big since I like to get them something each day, but I want them to know how much we appreciate them by giving them a little happy each day.  Bennett has 2 teachers and 2 rotating assistants so it made for lost of gifts!  At Bennett's school, they serve the teachers breakfast and lunch every day of the week.  Isn't that some awesome parent involvement?  Anyway, we helped with breakfast on the first day.  I thought that would be easier on me because I could make the cream cheese casseroles on Sunday night and just pop them in the oven Monday morning and have them all ready for Neil to take to school.  Neil does NOT love being my errand boy, but he is so good at it!

We started on Monday with a cute little mug with tea, coffee, and hot chocolate in it.  The tag says "Thanks a latte for all you do! Love, Bennett"  I picked up the mugs at Anthropologie when I visited Leslie in Dallas a couple weeks ago.  I love those little initial mugs.  After I bought them, I was looking on Pinterest for other ideas and came across a list of stuff that teachers do NOT want and it said MUGS. Oh well, I don't need a K, N, or S mug at my house.  Hopefully they liked them.

Tuesday's gift was a little photo album that I picked up a few months ago at the Paper Tulip sale.  I like to find sweet deals and I start buying for Teacher Appreciation week long before it gets here.  I sort of wanted to keep one of these for myself!

Wednesday's gift was a make-up bag that was also purchased at the Paper Tulip sale.  The tag says "You make-up the best part of my day! Love, Bennett" 

Wednesday gift
On Thursday, we got them Buttercup's cupcakes tied with ribbon that said "When it comes to teachers, you are the icing on the cake!"

Last but certainly not least and by far my favorite gift to get is personalized stationery.  I love anything personalized for myself, my boys, or my family so why not give it as a gift?  The tag says "just a note to tell you thanks for being a great teacher! Love, Bennett"

I think the teachers had a great week.  Now, I just need to think of ideas for Henry's teacher appreciation week!

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  1. You are such a good parent. I never got anything from a student during teacher appreciation week!


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