Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chick-fil-A and Cheerleaders

Neil's cousin Kyle and his wife met us for a nice dinner of Chick-fil-A on Friday.  We were so glad to get to catch up with them.  We just love Kyle and Judith!  They are hilarious!

Kyle and Henry

Bennett and Judith

We went to the Green and Gold game after dinner.  I was a faculty cheerleader again this year.  We had a smaller group than we did last year.  It is no secret that I've always wanted to be a real cheerleader.  I just lack rhythm, the ability to remember cheers, and coordination.  This is the only way I'll ever be a cheerleader...when the team is desperate!  I tried asking our coach (in gold on the bottom row) different moves and I even showed her one of my own.  I said "is this something we can do?" And she replied "not in public!" ha!!!

It was a ton of fun!

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