Sunday, May 20, 2012

Segway Riding

We are really loving we our marriage class that we attend at church.  Our group started with about 25 couples and for some reason almost everyone has dropped out.  Neil and I feel that we are gaining a lot from the class and have gotten closer because of it.  I just wish everyone would stick with it!  It is hard to make it to the class sometimes, but we are always glad we went.  

We had our first social event on Saturday.   Beau and Leigh hosted.  The teachers, Larry and Puddy brought their Segways for us to ride.  It was a neat experience and I felt so fancy driving it.  

Here I am segwaying (is that a word?).

Leigh and me

One handed segway riding

My sweet Henry loved "driving" Jake's car.  Looks like he'll be getting one of these for his birthday.

Drew and Bennett swinging

Puddy let Bennett ride with her for a second...he loved it

Of course, Beau and Neil had to race down the middle of the street.  Neil won! yesssssss!

Henry and Jake are such cute babies!!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Where do they use their segways?


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