Friday, May 18, 2012


On Tuesday I received this text from Neil:

"She seems like a really friendly dog." (This mini schnauzer wandered into our yard.)

If you know me, you know I just don't really care for animals.  I don't want to be licked, jumped on, or smell like dog after being in their presence.  I know some people would say that I am heartless for having this view of animals, but I beg to differ. I don't want animals to die, be tortured, or be mistreated...I just don't want them living at my house.  Amy is the only person that understands my philosophy on animals. (Thank you, Amy.)

After we got the kids to bed, I took a bath and when I got out I couldn't find Neil anywhere.  I looked in the guest bathroom and this is what I found!!!!!  Neil bathing the dog in OUR BATH TUB! 



Neil made her a little bed and she slept outside.  He is like a little boy having a dog at the house.  Neil knows how much I do NOT want an animal so he sent this to me via text:


The next morning, Bennett wanted to eat his breakfast outside with the dog.  He says things to her like "you are my best puppy" and "look at me, I love you!"  I pick him up from school and he says "I want to go see my new puppy!"

Bennett loves this puppy!!
Anyway, I sent the picture and a message to the HOA and they sent out an e-mail asking if anyone knew the dog or the owner.  Long story short, we received 4 calls...1 saying they knew the owner and would let them know we had her and 3 saying they would love to have her and 1 even said they'd pay us!

The owner ended up calling Wednesday around 9 pm and basically said they didn't want her.  We ended up finding out her real name was Trixie.  Gloria (what we named her after Gloria on Modern Family), was full of fleas, hadn't eaten, and was certainly not cared for properly.  It was obvious they did not want her.  She told Neil that we could keep her until Monday for a trial run if her 5 year old daughter didn't notice she was gone.   Neil went and bought a kennel, dog food, flea meds, and ordered a Saints collar online.  He is like a 7 year old with a puppy!!!

So, as of now we have a dog hanging out at our house.  The boys all love her and I don't want to see them all heartbroken if she has to go back to her owners.  Even though I do not want dog poop in my back yard, fleas, dog stench, and dog hair everywhere, this is reason enough for me to have a dog at the house.  

Stay tuned for more developments on this "dog situation."


  1. oh are so brave! I think Gloria will be on your Christmas card this year.

  2. i'm with you on having a dog living at your house. sometimes things just happen for a reason. maybe you'll grow to love her :-)

  3. UUUUHHHHGGGGG! I feel your pain! Even though I am the one who wanted to give the girls a kitten for Christmas, once I realized the cat box was going to go near my new sewing room....NO THankYOU!! I hate pet hair. Hopefully that dog doesnt shed!!

  4. That dog is yours! I love dogs! Your little boys really need her!


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