Friday, May 4, 2012

Field Day Rocks the Party!

Field Day used to be the day that I looked forward to every year.  I LOVE field day!  My mom always worked full time and couldn't really attend anything at school, but she NEVER missed field day.  It was always a special day for us.

Since it was Bennett's first field day, we all met up at Chick-fil-a for a pre-field day breakfast.  Pops and Gammy even came with us.

I saw the PE teacher yesterday and asked her what the parents should wear to field day and she said a school t-shirt and that's what I wore.  I pretty much looked like those people that wear the concert t-shirt to the concert.  DORK!  I will know better next year.

this is a good one

We started field day with a stop at the spring book fair.  These private schools sure know how to squeeze every penny out of the parents!  They know all the parents are going to be at field day and certainly cannot deny their kid a book!

Our first event was the ball toss.  Bennett was so excited and kept asking when his next race was.  He loved it!

Bennett's class and his teacher, Ms. Kristen

Bennett and Maddie doing the car song

Erin and her mom made these adorable water bottles for the kids

Pops joined us at field day for a minute.  Love those New Balances, Dad!

Golf ball and spoon race...I say "race" because that's what it's called but this was more of just run around however you want

Bennett, me, Erin, and Maddie

Cool dude with his popsicle

All the kids screaming "field day!"

Tricycle race was the last event.  Bennett is such an athlete!

After field day, we headed to Rollin' in the Dough for lunch.  We went with Maddie and Coach D, Daddy, and Aunt Becky.  It was an eventful lunch with 3 trips to the bathroom with each child!!

Bennett, his tattoo, and Aunt Rebecca

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