Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Farewell Crawfish Boil

Erinn, Trey, Beau, Leigh, Neil and I all hosted a going away party crawfish boil for the Montgomery family on Saturday.  We are so sad that they will be moving to Colorado soon but thought we should send them off Louisiana style!  You can check out more here.  

Our entire Sunday school class pitched in with bringing food, drinks, and paper goods.  We asked each family to bring a Louisiana memento to contribute to the bucket we picked up for them.  They ended up with a great assortment of Louisiana items.

I spent some time searching for "Louisiana" centerpieces and come up with nothing.  I love how the "tablescapes" turned out.  Erinn and I used our blue Ball jars, Erin had a bunch of wooden pirogues and plastic crawfish, and we used some burlap and came up with this cuteness.  I am pretty sure they are the only Louisiana tablescapes on Pinterest!

I was trying to take a picture of the Montgomery photo banner and LA bucket and caught Neil making a face.

Ready to be filled with LA goodness

Leslie, Casey, me, and Erinn

Matthew, Neil, and Trey (Neil messed up his shirt and had to borrow one of Trey's

Mason, Matty, Evie, and Casey

Leslie came in from the Big D!

My sweet baby had so much fun playing

All the boys had so much fun getting dirty and sweaty. (Henry, Bennett, Brown, Briggs, Mason, and Drew)
It was a great time celebrating our friends!  So sad they are leaving but we are excited to have a cool place to visit! :)

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  1. Awww, this party looks like so much fun! I'm catching up on my blogs today. The tablescapes were fabulous!


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