Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 year Blog-a-versary!

I don't have an exciting giveaway or anything profound to say. I just wanted to say I can't believe that I have been blogging for 1 year! I plan to keep it up because I just love the blog book that I made. It is so nice to have all of our pictures and stories to go along with them. I just like that I have a virtual scrapbook, too. Anytime I want to show people pictures...I just pull up the blog! I feel like I have come a long way in my blogging since my first post. I still have SO much to learn though. If you don't have a blog, you should start one to document your lives! It's fun, easy, and free!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love blogging too. I haven't made a book yet, but I need too!

  2. just saw that you're coming to beth moore!


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