Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome Home Uncle Checkers!

Andrew came home today from his New Zealand/Australia/Singapore trip. You can read about his travels here. Since we had some bad weather, we had the honor of picking him up from the airport. I made a sign today and had a lot of plans for Neil and I to hold it and then let Bennett run up to didn't really work out that way. We didn't even know that Andrew was in town until Rebecca sent me a text.

Welcome Home Andrew!

Andrew brought souvenirs for all of us. He brought this stuffed manatee type animal for Bennett from the Sydney Aquarium. Bennett loved it.

Here are all of our gifts. He brought Neil a tapestry and some chopsticks for me from Tokyo.

After Bennett and I went to Supper Club at the Blacks, we went and met the rest of the family at Wine Country. They were so excited to see Bennett.

He had the bet time "flying" with Aunt Becky and Uncle Checkers.

Yay! Welcome Home Andrew! Glad you are back!

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  1. I must say, the experiences about Australia certainly brought a pang of homesickness to my heart! I totally can relate to all his Sydney experiences! Very cool.


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