Monday, February 8, 2010

Black and Gold Super Bowl!

The Montgomerys were so nice to invite us over for a fun Super Bowl party. Casey made tons of good food! We had a relaxing time just letting the kids play. I don't think I even really saw very much of the game.

We got there and of course Bennett had to eat. Mason let Bennett borrow his booster chair.

This was Bennett's first time to take a bath with friends. He really didn't notice them! Georgia was really helpful...she was rinsing Bennett!

Bennett has his first Valentine's Party on Thursday at day care. I am so excited about it! I signed up for us to bring the treat bags. I didn't want to bring bags of candy so it was hard to come up with something for 1 year olds. I decided to go with a book and bath toys. I think that is something that they will actually use. Lindsay, Casey, Erinn, and Leslie helped me make the bags during the party.

Trey, Cole, Neil, and Matthew enjoying the game.

Here I am trying to get us to take a family photo. Neil was really in to the game and Bennett was really NOT in to the picture.

Casey sent these cute pictures of Mason, Georgia, and Bennett. They really had a fun time playing together.

Georgia loves Ring around the Rosy. She is very good at it too. Bennett really enjoyed it! Especially the "all fall down" part.

We "all fall down!"

Thanks Casey, Matthew, and Mason! We had a great time!

I almost forgot...The SAINTS won the Super Bowl! They beat the Colts 31-17. I had no idea until after I got home and the game was already over. The state of Louisiana was so excited. You could not even get through on the phone because everyone was using them. They said that it was the #1 watched TV show in history. Who Dat???!!! Neil was THRILLED to say the least. He said that people at work were congratulating him like he actually played in the game! haha!


  1. It was so amazing..............still in shock of happiness!!!!

  2. Ha... so it was really "Happy Super Bowl!" :)

  3. Lindsey-tisk tisk, you not watching the game :) I understand though with a busy 1 year old. I was lucky enough to have Sophie go to sleep around 7ish so I can watch the rest of the game. I was into it! I am still so pumped!


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