Monday, February 1, 2010

Movin' On Up.

Bennett is such a big boy now! He moved up to a big boy room at day care today. I was excited/sad for him to move up. Sad because it is getting so big and excited because his old room was pretty "babyish" for him and I want him to learn and experience new things. I was able to arrange for someone to watch my first hour class so that I could go with Neil to take Bennett. When we arrived, we unloaded the car with TONS of supplies. Neil carried most of it in.

We got inside and checked in and the computer was already changed to the Toddler 1 room!

I was excited to get to take him to his new room, but I guess so was his old teacher. She just picked him up and took him to his new room as we followed. Neil told me that I "better hurry" if I wanted to take him. Oh well. I am just glad that they all love him so much. We got to his new room and met his new teacher, Ms. Lynn.

Of course, I had to get a family photo before we left him.

When we left, he tried to make a run for it!

In Bennett's new room, he has to sleep on a mat on the floor. No more cribs in Toddler 1. I was really worried about if he would be able to do it. We tried it out the other day at home.

Here he is inspecting the new nap mat. Thanks so much Pops! He loves it!

All in all I think it was an OK day. They said that he took a long nap, but cried a little off and on all day. Poor little thing. I wanted to watch him today on the camera to see if was OK but the cameras weren't switched over yet. Maybe tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE the pic of him "on the run" - too cute!! And great nap mat! I'll be keeping my eyes out for one of those!

  2. They are just getting way too big!! I see Bennett's walking now!! I was wondering how he would do on the mat! I'll have to try that with Caleb. He'll start a Parents day out this summer and have to use one. That may help transition him to a big boy bed when we need to use the crib for #2. We may be coming back in town later in Feb. so we'll have to let them play!

  3. Where do y'all go? We are looking for a new place for our 2 year old and we also live in Shreveport!

  4. Love the mat! He looks so happy!


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