Monday, February 15, 2010

Highland Parade!

My mom lives on the parade route of the Highland Parade. It has to be my favorite parade in our area. It is family oriented and in the middle of the day. The float riders throw tons of stuff...even hotdogs! We had a great time with friends and family. Neil even used his Christmas fryer and fried up some fish.

This float was a converted old school bus. It was stopped so we got a family shot!

Here I am with my sweetest boy.

Here is Bennett with the Shriner's clowns. He was not loving them. I hope he doesn't develop a clown phobia after this.

Rebecca and Stephen came over from Ruston to go to the parade with us. That's Beau, Drew, and Chris is the background.

Chris, Margaret, and Annabella came over, too. Bennett was wearing Annabella's hat and his totally awesome tie-dyed Mardi Gras shirt.

Sweet baby Bennett.

Here is Neil hard at work with the fish frying. He did a great job. Everyone loved the fish, hushpuppies, and fries.

Here's Mom and me.

Yay! I got tons of beads, stuffed animals, and cups!

Happy Boy!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I am so sad that we missed it. It seems like Mason only wants to get sick when we have fun things to do! Neil looks like a pro on the fryer....can't wait to have some of his yummy food!

  2. Lindsey, you are looking more fabulous than ever! I will take some pictures of the Stuttgart "Mardi Gras" equivalent tomorrow! Love and hugs, Fiona

  3. We had so much fun!!! Bennett looks like he is at Bonaroo in that hat and tie-dyed shirt. Thanks for having us!!!


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