Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Saturday.

We had a pretty laid back day on Saturday. We got up and pretty much stayed in our pajamas until around 1 pm. It was nice to get some house work done and not have anything on our schedule. My mom called around 3 to see if she could take Bennett to the park on the gorgeous day we had. I needed to go to the grocery store so it was perfect timing. He had a blast at the park! They stayed for 2 hours. He was worn out when he got home. Neil also put together Bennett's table and chairs that he received from Aunt Rebecca for his birthday. He LOVED it. He would go from chair to chair trying each one out. I tried to get him to color at his little table, but the crayons just ended up in his mouth.

Later, we ran to Shane's to pick up some food to take over to the Burford's house. We got to sit on their totally awesome 2nd story porch.

It was such a nice evening. Ann set it up with cute crawfish place-mats and Adirondack chair napkin rings! They back up to the park, so the view was nice, too.

Here are Chris and our boys. Max and Bennett were loving being outside. Did I mention that Chris built their whole second story by himself? It is awesome! He can build/invent anything.

Which one is Bennett? We just love their bald heads! We just kept saying "bald-headed babies are the best" the whole time we were there.

Ann put Max's footie pjs on him while we were there and their funny Valentine's Day story came up. Ann has talked about loving footie pjs (for Max). So...for Valentine's Day Chris bought Ann some footie pj's! Here she is wearing them. When she received them, she asked if they were for him! She still had the tag on them, but modeled them for us anyway.
Thanks for the invite Burfords!


  1. where did rebecca find that table and chair set? and, does it come in white?

  2. crazy small world that you had dinner with my cousin, chris! who knew!

  3. hehe! How funny! I bet those footie pj's are comfy though! :)


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