Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bennett's Mardi Gras Parade

Bennett had his little Mardi Gras parade at daycare on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Neil and I had to work so we couldn't make it. I was glad that my mom was off work and able to attend. I sent my camera to get some pictures and I tried to watch on the daycare cameras. I heard it was adorable! Bennett's class was "The Little Saints." We were all supposed to send them in Saints attire. We were going to do this, but one of the other mom's from his class made shirts for every child in the class. They were so cute. They said "Little Saints" on the front and "Who Dat!" on the back. She even made black and gold tutu's for the girls! Talk about Mom of the Year!

Anyway, my mom said that Bennett was not loving the parade. She said he cried the whole time. Poor little angel. Erinn went and watched Georgia, too. She took some pictures of Bennett's class and videoed it. Bennett was crying in her video, too. Maybe he will like it better next year. Thanks so much for the pictures, Erinn!

Here are Bennett and Aurora. I like the plate he is holding for his prop.

Mom had to console him after the parade. I am so glad she was able to be there! They had lots of parents and grandparents there. Look at all of the decorations on their "float!"

Here is his class. Megan, Bennett, Zoey, Addie, Piper, Aurora, Hudson, and Hendrix.

They ended up winning "Best Overall" and "Most Entertaining" for the parade! Next year, I am going to take off work to go to the parade.


Thank you for the comments! They make me happy!

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