Sunday, February 7, 2010

Krewe of Centaur Parade

We had a totally freezing fun time at the parade on Saturday. The Dicharry family invited us along with the Buteaus and Montgomerys to partake in the fun. They have had a couple of spots out their for years so we had a great place to watch the parade. The parade did not decide to make its way to us until after 7 p.m. and it was COLD! I sort of felt like I was practicing some poor parenting skills having my 1 year old out in the sub zero temperatures. There were tons of kids and babies out there so I think it was OK.

I had Bennett bundled up in a long all with pants underneath. He was wearing a pea-coat, hat and mittens too. He would not keep the mittens on AT ALL.

Here is our family. This would have been really cute if Bennett would have looked at the camera. I have been really trying to get a good family photo of us so that I can get my free photo canvas. Maybe next week.

Here are Maddie and Bennett.

Here are the boys. They were all looking at a different camera.

My Lewis Boys.

Here we all are in "jail." This was the ONLY place that we could keep the kiddos contained. They were not content to sit and sleep like they used to be. They wanted to get down and run. They loved all of the action.

Neil and Bennett went for a walk down the street and came back with this "He Dyed for You" tie-dyed shirt. Bennett looked like a football player the rest of the night.

Side note about his outfit: I bought it from the Black Friday sale on Remember Nguyen where they had all sale items an additional 50% off. So I got a great deal on it. Well...I bought it size 18 months and he really needed a 12 month. I had to move buttons and roll the pants legs under. Goodness! Maybe he will be able to wear it next year!

We will not be braving the cold next Saturday for the Krewe of Gemini. We have the Highland parade next Sunday afternoon. It is the perfect family parade!

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  1. I love how in each picture Bennett is dressed differently! ha!


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