Thursday, February 11, 2010

14 cute months!

Bennett, you are 14 months old today! I say it every month, but I cannot believe it! You are growing and changing every day. We love when you learn something new. We get so excited!

  • You have your same 6 front teeth with 2 top molars coming through. They aren't totally in yet.
  • You STILL wake up at night. Mommy and Daddy are not loving the interrupted sleep, but we know it will get day. We are taking away your pacifier on Spring Break. I said this at Christmas, but it didn't happen. We will see...
  • You now know where your nose is located. We are so proud when you point to it. Some may think that you should know more, but we are content.
  • You are not loving your new class at daycare yet. We know you will start loving it soon.
  • You DO go right to sleep on your mat at daycare. They don't even have to rub your back.
  • You will still eat almost anything. I mean anything! You LOVE to eat.
  • You are a generally happy baby. You are able to entertain yourself with toys or tupperware. You are able to keep yourself happy if Mommy or Daddy need to shower, do dishes, or laundry. This is SO helpful.
  • You are in a size 4 diaper.
  • You wear size 12 month clothes...some are too short though. I just move down the buttons. 18 month size clothes are way too big for you. They need to make a size 15 months!
  • The only baby signing you will do is "more." It is modified in to pointing you finger to the palm of you hand. We all know what it means so it works for us.
  • The words you say are "uh (long pause) oh," bye bye (with waving), and a few other things here and there if we say the word first. Sometimes you repeat them.
  • Anytime you are in your car seat you take off your shoes and socks and chew on your socks!
  • We just think you are doing fine and dandy. You love to play and will sit for about 4-6 pages of a book.

For the most part, seeing you is the best part of our day. We love getting to spend time together watching you grow! Happy 14 months, Bennett!

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