Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Neil and I celebrated Valentine's a day early this year. Since I received Martina McBride concert tickets in my shoe from the Christmas elf, we used them for Valentines Day. Neil made reservations at the Vintage steakhouse in the El Dorado casino. We were talking at dinner and realized that we always forget about the good restaurants at the casinos. Maybe we will try the other ones. We got to dinner at 5:30 because the concert started at 7:30. I was excited to wear my pink REAL cowgirl boots. I got them before George closed the "western wear" part of Ranchland a few years ago. This is my second time to wear them.

Here we are in front of the restaurant.
After a wonderful dinner, we headed to the Martina McBride/Trace Adkins concert. Trace's band was in a tragic head on collision the morning of the concert and they were all so upset. They came out and played 3 songs and basically said that they didn't want to play out of respect for the families who were suffering. Everyone understood and they received a standing ovation.

At around 9 pm...Martina family started! She was AWESOME! Neil was so sweet to take me and let me sing the whole time. He never even complained and he said that his favorite part of the night was when I was singing! I should have been a sweet wife and bought him some ear plugs before we got to the concert.

Here she is! She is about the tiniest thing you have ever seen.

She rode this blue moon from the main stage to a small stage in the back of the arena. We thought is was a mighty expensive contraption for 1 song. But, no one asked us.

Yay! I told Neil that we could leave after she sang "Broken Wing," but it was the 2nd to last song she sang. The last one was "Independence Day" and I couldn't miss that!

We really had a great night with just the 2 of us. Bennett was staying in Ruston with Nana and Grand-Machine. We know he was in good hands so that's how we were able to have such a good time.

Happy Valentine's Day Neil!


  1. We like the Vintage too! The concert sounded like fun and I am in love with your boots!!

  2. Just wanted to say hey, saw your blog on Boomama's page. I live in Monroe and love your blog:)


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