Friday, July 25, 2014

Crazy Hair Day

I gave no explanation of why Bennett's hair was so crazy in this post.  Here is the explanation.

 Bennett had crazy hair day for one of his dress-up days at VBS.   We talked about it the day before how we were going to get some hair spray color for his hair.  He wanted red, white, and blue.  He is patriotic.

The morning of crazy hair day I realized we never picked up the color so I had to improvise. I got on Pinterest and tried to search out some household products to make hair color.  The first failed attempt was sidewalk chalk.  This method was a total bust.   I found a recipe for hair gel and eye shadow and it worked! 

This was supposed to make a paste out of the chalk...FAIL.
The only color that worked was blue.  I think it was because it was more liquid instead of powder. 

He was so proud!

Crazy hair!

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