Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lunchin' in Lufkin

Mom and I loaded up all 3 kids and headed to Lufkin to meet my Aunt Carolyn, Courtney, and Cal for lunch.  We were so sad that Carrie and Ethan didn't come!  I want to meet him so badly in America! (this is one of Bennett's sayings that we say all the time)

We met at El Chico and just enjoyed each other.  Aunt Carolyn brought fun goody bags for each boy and some cute clothes for Sarah Kathryn!  I love my auntie!

Aunt Carolyn meets Sarah Kathryn!

I love my auntie!

Courtney and Mom

All the boys...Cal, Henry, and Bennett

Henry drew on himself with the dry erase marker and then wanted a selfie!

They had a fun claw game in the entry way.  Gammy gave Henry 50 cents and he put it in and immediately won a donkey!  We were all amazed and shocked! ha!  Bennett was really upset that he didn't win after putting $3 in the machine.  Life Lesson: we don't always win :(

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