Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sister's Last Gymboree

Gymboree is one of my favorite things to do my with babies.  I think they get a lot out of it and I love getting to meet mom's who are in the exact same stage as me.  Most of the moms in the class are new mommies, so I felt like I was super experienced! ha!  Just when I think that my kids go and do something I have no idea how to react to...

We had 3 girls and 2 boys in the class.  Both boys are named Henry!  We've loved getting to know everyone.  We have to stop going because I am about to start work on Tues-Thurs and the classes are only Tues, Weds, and Saturday.  We typically have too much going on to get there for a Saturday class.  Darn!

Bennett really wanted to help so he took these pictures! :)
Bolster lesson

Color go-round

Bennett doing the gymbo farewell movements for Sister

Henry, Scarlett, SK, and Emma

Scarlett and SK

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