Thursday, July 24, 2014

When the Lights Go OUT in the City...

We have a BIG list of things we want to do around the house.  It takes many trips to Home Depot and Lowe's to help with the to-do list.  We try to go to one of those stores once every couple days.  It's getting old.  

Last night after dinner we thought we'd run to Home Depot really quick to pick up 4 items.  We weren't going to be gone long so we didn't bring diapers, formula, a bottle, Neil's phone, or house KEYS.  Little did we know.

We pulled into Wendy's first for a frosty and noticed that the wind was really picking up and the clouds were dark and moving quickly.  We decided to just head home instead of the Home Depot visit.  We got home and the garage door clicker wouldn't work.  Weird.  Neil went and tried to work the keypad and nope, it didn't work either.  Then Neil went and tried all the doors and windows, but they were all locked because I am a door locking queen.  We headed back to Home Depot because we didn't really have anything else to do but wait it out.  We just knew once we got done that it would all be one again.  No, it wasn't.  By this time SK was getting hungry so we had to go to CVS to pick up formula and other such essential items when you have a 3 month old.  I needed to remind Neil to pick up diapers for her and since he didn't have his phone I had to page him at CVS.  He was mortified!  He checked out and came to the car with a crappy look on his face.  He said "why did you page me again??" I had no idea what he was talking about.  

He saw Derrick in CVS and realized that Derrick paged him again! ha!

We went back to the house and the power was once again not on.  Thankfully our good friends told us to come over so we could get it all figured out.  We headed over there and they offered for us to stay at their house or Beau's dad's.  We opted to stay all 4 of us in the guest room.  Bennett was in Ruston or there would have been 5.  Surprisingly, it was a good night.  The kids were tired and really did well on their pallets.  We are so thankful for Beau and Leigh coming through for us!  

Leigh even bathed Henry, gave SK a t-shirt, laid clothes out for me and Neil, and made breakfast!  You guys are the BEST!
Sis in her dinosaur t-shirt
She spit up so it was Spider-man tee next

Henry got to watch cartoons with Jake until 10 pm!

It's blurry, but there are my babies fast asleep on the floor.  We all slept great!

We got home this morning and the power was still off.  We finally called a locksmith to pick the lock.  We took showers in the dark and got ready for our day.  The power finally came on at 10 am!

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  1. I love that you paged Neil! Lol!

    SK really looks like a baby Bennett in that pic with Leigh all wrapped in blue!


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