Sunday, July 20, 2014


After Sunday School on Sunday we headed to Ruston.  Neil was originally supposed to be in North Dakota, but a sad, tragic death in Ruston brought him home early.  I was glad to have him home, but certainly not under these circumstances.  We were to spend time with the family so that is always nice.  

We got to Ruston and headed straight to Squire Creek for lunch with Gigi.  Since there were 12 of us they put us in a private dining room.  Gigi does NOT like to be in the back and I don't blame her.  
Uncle A with H and SK

The whole group

We got home and it was time for each boy to get Nana and Granddad's cell phones

Henry likes to pee off the deck.  Cute little tush!
While we're on the subject of cute tushes....these bloomers!  eeeeek!  Love them.

We needed some things from the grocery store so I went and left everyone at home.  The 30 minutes of peace must have been really awesome because I felt compelled to document it here.  Look what I found!!  Personalized cokes! yessssssssssss!

While everyone went to the funeral, I took the kids to the library.  The Lincoln Parish library is really nice.  Henry and Bennett did a little puppet show where the alligator ate a duck. Sweet.

We left Bennett in Ruston for a few days so he could have one-on-one time with Nana and Granddad.  Since he will be in "real" school this year he won't be able to go over as much.  Guess it will be Henry's turn next!

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