Saturday, October 31, 2015

A ninja, a shark, and a little lamb (AKA Halloween 2015)

Halloween was on a Saturday this year and that is just about the best day it could be on.  We got to hang out all day and even fit in a flag football game that they rescheduled  for Halloween afternoon.  The game made us miss the Monster Bash, but Bennett would rather die than miss a football game!  

We decided to carve pumpkins in the shop and of course, Neil broke out the power tools.  He can do anything! :)

Wolves howling at the moon..yes.
After the game we sped hoe, changed into our costumes and started walking.   The cul de sac behind us has a little block party so we went to that for a minute.  We had to go by Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Pat's and they had some very special goodies for the kids.  We were invited to a fun party at the Favrot's, too.  It was a great time in the neighborhood!
My sweet shark, my sweet lamb, and my sweet ninja

Sister walked all the way up to the house on her own!

We were glad that Gammy came to meet us!  It has always been our favorite holiday!

Jill made all kinds of carnival games in her garage.  So cute!

Boswell and Jones families...doing Halloween together since 1987.
Bennett got to see his school friend, Julian!  How fun!

I love costumes!  We had fun dressing up, too!

We ran by the Raines's after and they were having a dance party in the front yard,  Amelie, Jake, and SK giving big hugs!!

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