Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tech Scout day

We've been so excited about the cub scout camp out at the Tech game.  We planned to go months before and then the rain hit.  The scout pack sold 52 tickets and only 10 came!  Thankfully, Steve gave us his Skye Box tickets so we stayed dry and had all the food we wanted! 

The boys got to go out on the field at the beginning of the game and were supposed to get to do the pledge on the field.  It rained so much that they didn't get to do the pledge. 

The scouts got to go out on the field for 1/2 time, see some players, and make 2 lines for the players to run through.  They loved getting their hands slapped as they ran past.

Family photo on the field

little boys with Tech cheerleaders


Waiting for the players to run through the tunnel

B loves Tech football!

Bennett and Champ

Bennett and Tech

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